Hunt'n and Fish'n Club - Philosophy     

Is hunting and/or fishing your passion?  It's ours!  We spend every free minute in the field hunting or fishing for something.  The Hunt'n & Fish'n Club is building the largest, funnest, best community in the hunting and fishing  world.

Hunt'n and Fish'n Club has a subscription, it cost $199 (start-up fee) and $25 dollars per month.  The net profit generated for the club is put back into the Club to make it bigger, better, fastest, stronger!  We want everyone to be a part of the community, even if you are not going to pay the fee.  As a non paying Friend you can still participate in our social media pages (Facebook, YouTube, etc.), you can go to the Friends menu and check out the photo galleries.  In fact, you can upload your photos to the site.  When you register as a Friend you will receive emails informing you of different things pertaining to the hunting and fishing world.  As a paying Subscriber you will get the monthly Hunt'n and Fish'n Club magazine, access to exclusive videos, how tos, where two. You will have access to the archieves of hunting and fishing reports.  You will get free membership into the North American Deer Slam Club and the Fish Slam Club as well as the Rocky Mountain Hunter News letter.  You will receive notice of special Subscriber only hunts, fishing trips, and produces.  You get discounts on all general products in the Hunt'n and Fish'n Club store.  You can receive referral credits for referring you friends and associate to the Club.  There is a $5/mon credit for each, paying, referral (up to 5).

In the near future there will be monthly trip give-a-ways and weekly product give-a-ways.

In short, we want to be your one stop source for all your hunting and fishing wants and needs!

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